Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black and Blue BRUISE Necklace

I finally attempted several things in this necklace that I have been picturing in my head for awhile:
1) I used a navy on navy seersucker to make fabric flowers and not just felt.  I looked up some ideas but ended up just winging it.
c) I used beads AND buttons! I sewed beads through the centers of the flowers, like I have done for brooches and magnets with buttons.  The effect with beads is more delicate, which I like =)
6) I used netting!!! I slipped a little black netting in between the flowers and felt backing and must say, it's niiiiice!
This necklace is huge... and I am obsessed! 



  1. this is great! can you show us how you made the rossettes? i've been trying to learn how to make these and i can never find a good how-to...

  2. I ended up just googling "how to make felt flowers" under the image search and clicked pictures I liked on multiple sites. I found a lot of blogs that had different directions, and I sort of pieced together the ideas or just winged it from pictures! The basic concept is to cut a circle in a spiral and then wrap it back up on itself.