Monday, December 6, 2010

"Let's make a WREATH!"

Does anyone remember the Radio Shack commercial from years ago?? Guy wants satellite radio so he's explaining to his wife that it has a Martha Stewart channel and that they can learn to make wreaths. "Yeah. Let's make a wreath!"

So I got this wreath idea out of Parents magazine in their December issue where they had TONS of good holiday crafts.  I basically followed their directions, using floral pins to attach sheet moss to a foam wreath (I got the biggest one I could find since it had to look substantial above my fireplace).  The part I didn't like was their directions for the felt flowers... having to cut five 3 inch circles, hot gluing them in half, then in half again, and then more 1/2 inch circles........ my mind lost track of the directions at that point and I decided to look elsewhere. I found some good DIY stuff for felt flowers on various blogs.  I liked the idea of adding berries and happened to have these blue, glittery winter looking ones in my closet (they are, by the way, the only berries I had in my closet).  I just stuck 'em into the foam wreath, added a red ribbon to the top, and finished it off with some spray snow! 

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