Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big, ol' necklace

It seems this flower thing is my, well, thing... Although I have tried different varieties, I keep coming back to this rose one and LOVE it.  I see wreaths, necklaces, magnets, pins, hair things, and possibly even frame adornments in my near future. 

I bought Finn baby legs (another thing on my to do list, all it requires is a pair of tube socks) at a craft show this weekend, and they happened to come tied up nicely in grey ribbons.  I sewed them onto each end of a piece of light grey felt in the same color of the flowers (then threw in one lone charcoal grey and some white flowers), attached the flowers to felt backing and each other... and VOILA: super cool jewelry that is adjustable in length, can be worn off to the side or centered, and is hopefully one Finn cannot snap in half since the ribbon is on there pretty darn good.


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