Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ROCK a bye

This is my first (and possibly only) attempt at a machine applique shirt for Finnster.  I found a clipart for a guitar, cut each section out, and traced it onto felt backed with Wonder Under that I had already ironed on.  I ironed on the smallest details first, then the whole thing onto a red t-shirt.  It seems that Wonder Under and I have not been getting along lately, because it does NOT like holding felt permanently onto fabric.  This is where my idea to do a simple machine stitch around the design came in, which may have worked if I was more skilled at figuring out the basics of my sewing machine a wee bit better.  I did end up using a grey embroidery thread by hand to put in a couple of funky guitar strings!  All in all, it looks pretty decent, but next time I would rather stitch it all by hand and give it a more "rough and tough" look for my little bruiser =)

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