Saturday, January 15, 2011

DIY: Message board!

This project is so easy, it shouldn't even be called a "project".... it will take you no more than 2 minutes, depending on which route you take.  If you are like me, you have lots of extra frames sitting around with old artwork in it from when you got tired of it or (in my case) moved! The best thing about this project is that it doesn't permamently claim the life of your frame: simply use it like this until you want to put a picture or print back in it.  I got this idea from two sources, first, Real Simple magazine (where they use a gorgeous textured white paper) and, also, my brother's super, awesome, creative girlfriend, Nicole (who used fabric in hers instead!) Need artwork for an empty wall?? Find three coordinating scrapbook papers and put them in identical frames and, ta da! Instant art!!!

-old frame (or new!)
-pretty paper or fabric
-dry erase marker

 Step 1: Find the paper/fabric you want to use inside of your frame.  I personally had an orange wrapping paper I wanted to repurpose, which worked well in my bedroom!  If you have seen any of the gorgeous scrapbooking paper available out there, you will probably want to get yourself some of that.  Fabric would be a little trickier because you would need to use spray adhesive or double sided tape to adhere it to the cardboard backing that comes with the frame.  Or I suppose you can tack it to the other side of the cardboard with glue or tape.... will just be a bit more difficult to get it to lay flat.

Step 2: Trace the cardboard inside the frame onto the back of your paper or fabric.
Step 3: Cut it out and slip it into your frame!

Write a to do list, shopping list, or quote with a dry erase marker on your glass... I have too many chalkboards with to do lists, etc., so a quote worked well in my bedroom, with lots of other blue and orange art work from our honeymoon hanging on our grey walls =)
This is the one featured in Real Simple... I think a light colored, textured paper would work best so the writing is more prominent, much like theirs!

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  1. So cute Helen. And very crafty, don't act like you're not!